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The village of Carratraca was founded during the 1800s, although, according to the results of excavations, people lived here during the time of the Roman conquest.

The start of Carratraca was the discovery of a natural spring that flowed there. One shepherd had noted that those waters were safe and cured the wounds of his sheep and soon word of mouth made everyone in the area travel there to benefit from the healing thermal waters.

Over the years the news traveled throughout Spain and came to international ears. A building was constructed near the spring to accommodate the celebrities traveling to Carratraca. Many historical persons chose Carratraca their personal retreat: King Ferdinand VII of Spain, Empress Maria Eugenia, wife of Napoleon III, or poets Lord Byron and Rainer Maria Rilke, among many others.

This historic building has now been renovated to make way for the Hotel Villa Padierna Thermas. After some impressive reforms, the hotel can offer you the maximum of quality and good conditions for your stay keeping its historic style that characterizes the building, making this hotel an exclusive place with a unique style.


The gastronomy of Carratraca follows the tradition of Spanish rural food. Hearty, meat-based recipes. It also has an exquisite baked. The most representative dish of the people are callos de Carratraca, the goat to the pastoral or the hock to the campera.

Technical data Carratraca

  • Surface area: 23 km²
  • Population: 860 inhabitants (2012)
  • Density: 37.39 people / km²
  • Gentile: Carratraqueños
  • Altitude above sea level: 550 m
  • Distance to Malaga: 56 km
  • Situation
  • Latitude: 36º 51'
  • Length: -4º 49'
  • Country: Spain
  • Autonomous Region: Andalusia
  • Province: Malaga
  • Region: Valle del Guadalhorce Guadalhorce
  • ZIP Code: 29551


Carratraca Historical Center: Declared Cultural Property in 2004. Developed during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the old town offers a wealth of historical, ethnological, landscape and architecture.

Parish Church of Our Lady of Health: It was built in the early nineteenth century. It has a great architectural interest for its hemispherical domes, arches, wood trusses, chancel and chapel. Inside, the Virgin of Health pays tribute to Carratraca waters.

Hall: The city hall has an interesting neon-Arabic style with galleries and horseshoe arches.

Bullring: Its originality lies in its plant polygonal shape and structure, as it took digging into the rock. In the arena hosts they organize concerts, events, shows and theaters.

Wellness: Certainly the most visited place is its spa Carratraca sulfurous mineral water. A packed 5-star spa treatments and programs based on this water, healthy visible effects.

Cave Troll
Shelter Cave Alcaparaín
Sima Gorda
Cave bats (ancient necrópolis)


Bewitched by Luna Mora: Festival dedicated to Andalusian culture, activities, exhibitions and markets that recall the mix of cultures that existed during the Middle Ages in Al-Andalus. During the festival, the people of Carratraca not use lighting at night, except in the light of thousands of candles that run through all the streets, creating a truly magical atmosphere. The Spell of Luna Mora usually held the first weekend of September.

Easter Passion: Every year in the Carratraca bullring is celebrated on a beautiful Easter dramatization starring a hundred neighbors who play their roles with great devotion. During this week all the streets are decorated with flowers, blankets and artworks. The Passion of Easter is a tradition that is celebrated every year since 1963.

San Juan: To welcome the summer, on June 24 is celebrated in Carratraca a very popular festival, called the Feast of San Juan. To celebrate bonfires or fireworks are made, and the atmosphere on the streets is very lively and friendly. At first, the purpose of this event was to give more strength millennial sun and purified watching the fire.

Crafts: Carratraca still has a great tradition of craftsmanship, so we can find markets craftsmen carved wooden objects, made with esparto or forged iron.

Carratraca is situated about 50 kilometers from Malaga Airport.

Calle Antonio Rioobo 11. 29648 Carratraca - Málaga - Andalusia - Spain

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