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Villa Padierna Carratraca Fuente

Hotel Villa Padierna Thermas

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Restaurants and Bars

The Villa Padierna Thermas of Carratraca Hotel offers to the clients a Haute Cuisine restaurant and three special bars. A team of doctors and professional dietitians prepares a personal diet for every client, helping him to obtain healthy habits for his daily feeding. The hotel does not sell alcoholic beverages, except wine.

The kitchen of the Villa Padierna Thermas Hotel provides natural antioxidants that bringing energy and vitality to those who enjoy it, as well as an exquisite natural flavor.

Restaurant The Countess

Restaurant The Countess

Exquisite restaurant of Haute Cuisine, with recipes as healthy as balanced. The big chef Andrés Ruiz works only with fresh and natural products, obtaining plates that preserve aroma and flavor.

The restaurant offers a luxurious atmosphere and design, where the neutral colors of the decoration make to highlight the ingredients of the plates. An agreeable service and a special care for the details will do of a lunch or dinner a really pleasant experience. Undoubtedly is one of the best restaurants of haute cuisine organic in Malaga.

The restaurant was named for the Empress Eugenia de Montijo, wife of Napoleón III and frequent visitor of the thermal baths of Carratraca.

Lounge The Prince

Lounge The Prince

Cozy lounge where you can relax drinking an natural tea, tea of fruits or an infusion of therapeutic grasses for the nervous and immune system.

The lounge is inspired in Fernando VII, where his 2 original paintings are included, dated in the year 1828. An exquisite decoration in soft blue tones favor the relaxation. In the winter months a cozy chimney ignites.

Bar Empress

Bar Empress

Enjoyment of the company of your relatives or friends while you have a refreshment, a juice or a glass of wine. It is a bar for the people that like table games or use the computer. The decoration offers us pictures and sculptures of Maria Eugenia Montijo. Walls are painted in red to raise the fortitude.

Lounge The Wished one

Lounge The Wished one

With a warm decoration, this so cozy lounge offers an ideal place to enjoy one warm a cup of tea accompanied by a good book. A few walls with British style, a chimney, and with the Andalusian courtyard view make of this place a magic place where spend hours of relaxation and well-being. The name of the lounge is inspired in one of the nicknames of Fernando VII.

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