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Overcome Cancer from Within Immunotherapy with Dendritic Cells

Cancer is the leading cause of premature death. In the last 15 years, there have only been two Nobel Medicine Prizes given for advances in cancer health. Both Nobel Prizes were granted for immunotherapy (2011 and 2018) – the way to recover using the body’s own healing ability. Yesterday cancer therapy was focused on destruction of disease symptoms by poisoning (chemotherapy), cutting (surgery) or burning (radio therapy). Today we understand that using the body’s own healing mechanisms is the most effective way to get us back to health. Hundreds of clinical studies give the scientific evidence, even though this important finding is not yet widespread and only a minority of patients know about this.

Dr. Ralph Steinman was honoured for his research on Dendritic Cell Therapy (DCT), which is the most powerful tool in immunotherapy. This approach teaches the body´s immune system how to expose and kill cancer cells. As this is nothing other than assisting a natural process, DCT does not cause any significant side effects.

DCT can be administered before or during any other therapy without any loss of options. Immunotherapy is the most promising approach for cancer health. So ideally DCT should be given independently of or before any other treatment.

Reasons to consider DCT

Dendritic cells – even in a healthy body – instruct the immune system to find and destroy cancer cells. If cancer is manifested, it appears to be stronger than the immune system.

Celula Dendritica

DCT has five key steps:

  1. Separates the bodys own monocytes from the blood of the patient in a laboratory
  2. Cultivates them to dendritic cells
  3. Primes them with the cancer information
  4. Instructs the immune cells
  5. Finds and deletes cancer cells

Injected into the body after 10 days, the dendritic cells boost the immune system to give a massive response against cancer and unmask the cancer cells that have previously remained hidden to the immune system. These primed immune cells can get through the CTLA-4 barrier, where the natural amount of immune cells might fail. In order to support the non-invasive DCT, it is mostly given in combination with an integrative therapy plan, designed and exclusive to Immucura.

Facts on DCT

Indications: all cancers, including metastatic cancer, from an early stage to palliative, apart from leukaemia, can be combined with conventional treatments or administered ideally as a mono therapy

Contraindications: very recent blood transfusion, HIV, hepatitis

Duration of treatment: two weeks (Sunday to Sunday)

Location: Gibraltar or Marbella, Spain

Effect of therapy: dendritic cells continue to work for 6 to 9 months after the treatment with the aim to reduce or eliminate the cancer

Elements of the integrative therapy plan: DCT, hyperthermia, tailored supplements, nutrition therapy, wellbeing coaching, onco-physiotherapy

Success rate: depending on state and type of disease; examples from clinical studies

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Important notice

The contents of this information are provided for general information purposes only and should not, in any circumstances, be relied upon without first seeking specialist advice from a medical professional who is familiar with your personal medical situation and history, in order to decide on the correct course of treatment.

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